Connect to your Roar with Chidiogo

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Thursday May 14 | 21h GST

Our mind can create more anxiety than benefits, especially in times of stress. Chidiogo helps you find, express + organize what is inside so you can create clarity within. 

This is a workshop designed to guide you to connect to the powerful roar that is yours. It is a journey to the heart of our individual and collective power.

Chidiogo works with some of the major world organizations and facilitates conferences for thousands of people to small teams to individuals to bring clarity and perspective.

Her intention for this workshop is to allow for guidance, for flow, for inspiration and for truth in a space that is safe and held. That you may connect to all that you need to show up in full passion, love and truth, for yourself and for all.

Some words from past Participants of recent online workshops:

“Thank you for the session. It was an honest space and I am grateful for such priceless opportunity to connect with others on a deeper level and share such beauty.”

“Thank you holding space Chidiogo!!!!!! What a light I received today. So needed!!”

I’m so grateful for this session and community here. Thank you so much for spreading and shining your light Chidi 

“My heart feels so juicy”